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'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' Reboot Showcases A New Cast Full Of Fresh Faces

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Although the 'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' may have ended in 1996, the show remains popular and impactful for many viewers, so impactful that the show is actually getting a reboot after 25 years. But this time, the 'Fresh Prince' will feature a fresh new cast.

The idea of a reboot first emerged in 2019 when director Morgan Cooper posted a mock trailer on YouTube that depicted the sitcom in a darker and more dramatic tone. The amazing trailer successfully captured Will Smith's attention. And after a year of work and planning, Smith and Cooper officially confirmed a reboot of the sitcom that's based on Cooper's re-imagined version of the show.

Although the reboot won't feature Smith as the fictionalised character of himself, or any of the original cast members for that matter, we can look forward to plenty of talented new faces that are sure to bring their own touch to the familiar show.

Among the new actors unveiled in the NBC Peacock's reboot of the show include newcomer Jabari Banks in his professional acting debut where he will try his best to live up to Will Smith's legendary character.

Everyone's favourite Uncle Phil aka Judge Philip Banks will be played by 47-year-old Adrian Holmes. Meanwhile, the feisty Aunt Viv aka Vivian Banks will be portrayed by 42-year-old Cassandra Freeman.

While it may be hard to picture anyone other than Alfonso Riberio as the preppy yet lovable cousin Carlton Banks, it will be interesting to see how young actor Olly Sholotan will provide his own interpretation of the character. The same goes to 23-year-old Coco Jones who now stars as Will's older cousin, Hilary Banks.

Marvel fans will probably recognise a familiar face as Akira Akbar, who previously starred in 'Captain Marvel', will be playing the role of Ashley Banks, the youngest of Will's cousins. Lastly, everyone's favourite butler Geoffrey will be played by British actor Jimmy Akingbola who will hopefully retain the original character's charming accent and witty remarks.

What do you think about the new cast members? Are you excited for the 'Fresh Prince' reboot?


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