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French Doctor Creates App To Help Former Covid-19 Patients Get Back Their Sense Of Smell

Due to Covid-19, many have loss their sense of smell and maybe take longer to recover. Not to worry, a French doctor created an app called CovidAnosmi to help former Covid-19 patient rehabilitate to get your sense of smell working again!

The app is completely free of charge, providing a structured programme for the recovery of the sense of smell based on a scientific study. The programme was done by oncologist, Fabrice Denis, a doctor at the Jean Bernard Center in Le Mans and a specialist in digital health apps along with Lille-based start up, Kelindi.

The process will involve smelling essential oils of smells like coffee or vanilla twice in a day to boost your sense of smell. The app also offers support to accelerate the regeneration of the olfactory neural circuits damaged by the virus.

500 patients participated in the online application to measure the impact of the protocol. After 28 days of rehabilitation, 73% of patients reported with a significant improvement in their sense of smell. On top of that, that rate rose to 78% after more than 2 months of rehabilitation!

Sadly, this symptom has been causing people to have eating disorders and depressive disorders, so this solution can definitely help improve the live of former Covid-19 patients suffering from the smelling disorder.


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