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Former Reality TV Star Gone Viral For Selling Her Farts In Jars And Earning US$45,000 In A Week

Former reality TV star from the 90 Days Fiancé TV series on TLC, Stephanie Matto gone viral on TikTok for selling her farts in jars. Matto earns up to US$45,000 (RM18,472.50) within a week for selling the jars of farts.

According to BuzzFeed, her aim is to earn more money despite her interest to achieve publicity and attention from her fans and followers. The 90 Days Fiancé star is also a founder of her own 18+ fan subscription site called Unfiltrd.

“I think my main motivation was money, but I also thought it’d be a hilarious publicity move that would get a lot of people’s attention. Working on my own adult-friendly platform these past few months has made me very aware of the different types of niches and markets that are out there,” Matto said.

“I usually follow a pretty strict diet, but I do allow myself 1-2 cheat days every single week, and those are the days that I will indulge in specific types of foods that I know will make me gassier. I also like to combine my ‘product’ with something that smells like me, so I spritz one of my favourite perfumes into each jar to give customers the most immersive experience. I put a small fabric petal or flower into each jar and it’s aesthetically pleasing and also allows the scent to attach to it and last longer,” she explains her 'process' in making fart jars.

In one of her TikTok videos, she claimed to have made more than US$50,000 by selling her fart jars, having a lot of buyers on Unfiltrd interested in purchasing the product. Matto also shared another video showing her followers how she makes the fart jars so that they could learn more about it.

Would you purchase a fart jar?


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