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Former K-pop Idols Reveal How Idols Date When Agencies Confiscate Their Phones

I’m sure most of you know that K-pop idols all have to sign contracts with their agencies before debuting, one of the most common thing these idols cannot do is, date. While some agencies allow K-pop idols to date after a certain amount of years after their debut, some are not as lenient.

Former KARA’s Youngji appeared on MBC Everyone’s South Korean Foreigners along with Shakra’s Hwangbo, CLEO’s Chae Eunjung, and T-ARA’s Qri and began discussing about idols and dating. T-ARA’s Qri confirmed that the girl group was well-governed by their company, and would confiscate their phones a day before debut to prevent members from dating as rookies.

Chae Eunjung and Hwangbo revealed that 1 member in the group would keep a cellphone to contact managers and the company, so that phone will be passed around within the group for members to communicate with their significant others. On the other hand, Youngji said that her phone is usually confiscated by the company, but she would use WiFi on her iPod to use the messenger app.

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Meanwhile, a member from OH MY GIRL previously revealed that they were only able to take back their cellphones from the company after a few years into debut. But prior to that, they would keep their iPods to message as it pretty much functions as a phone. I guess modern problems require modern solutions.


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