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Former Big Bang Star Seungri Making A Comeback?

If you aren’t following the ongoing Big Bang news regarding the incidents surrounding Seungri’s scandal and his abrupt withdrawal from the limelight, here is a quick breakdown. On 11 March, Seungri announced his departure from Big Bang and his total retirement from the entertainment industry with an official statement in March 2019 saying: “This looks like the end for me, for the honour of YG and BigBang, if nothing else.”

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This came after allegations about him being part of a human trafficking ring back in 2015 began surfacing in 2020 resulting in his arrest after investigations. That said, Big Bang V.I.P.’s swear by his innocence resulting in a bit of controversy surrounding the topic.

Credits: @damjisus (Twitter)

However, much of the scandal was swept under the carpet when the quintet were forced on hiatus due to their compulsory military service. Thankfully, fans were somewhat assured that Big Bang will make a comeback after their military service when G-Dragon hinted that BigBang is gearing up for a return, reporting that he is working on music for the band in an interview with Dazed Korea earlier this month. But the one question still lingered in the air – Will Seungri be joining them?

Well the question seems to have been answered, as a recent cover photo upload on the group’s official Facebook page with Seungri in the mix sent fans into a frenzy. The black-and-white photo features G-Dragon, Taeyang, T.O.P, Daesung, and Seungri walking down a road with five stripes, representing the quintet.


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