• Jonathan Shiek

Flight Attendants Advised To Wear Diapers On Flights

Coronavirus is still very much a threat to us, which is why Chinese transportation officials are being more innovative to keep passengers and crew safe on flights. They are now recommending flight attendants to wear disposable diapers and avoid restrooms on flights. This suggestion is made by The Civil Aviation Administration of China for flights to and from countries with Covid-19 cases that exceed 500 cases per million people. 

It sounds ridiculous and almost like a joke but restrooms in general are germ-infested areas, moreover this is on an airplane! CNN reported that a passenger travelling from Italy to South Korea contracted Covid-19 during her trip. The only place she did not wear her mask to was the restroom! This was one of the most plausible sources of the infection.

What other crazy Covid-19 suggestions did you hear of before? Does it top disposable diapers? 

Source: Mashable Sea


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