• Jonathan Shiek

Five-Year Sentence For Woman Who Threw Newborn Son Out The Window

Indonesian Sri Rahmadani was sentenced to five years in prison after the Shah Alam High Court found her guilty of infanticide yesterday.

The incident happened three years ago when the accused was only 21 years old. She was a young mother suffering from adjustment disorder when she threw her newborn son out of the window immediately after giving birth at a workers’ hostel in 2018.

Although the infant was alive when he was rushed to the hospital, he passed away 13 days later due to severe head injury. Initially, Rahmadani was charged with attempted murder and abandonment of her baby but the charge was increased to murder after her child died.

However, the court took into consideration of Rahmadani’s situation as she was a youthful offender suffering from depression when she committed the offence. On top of that, she had also lost her job as a production operator at an electronics company when the incident happened.

In view of this, the court decided to reduce Rahmadani’s charge to infanticide when handing down the sentence.

Rahmadani’s counsel S. Selvi said her client had never once attempted abortion during her pregnancy period and was truly remorseful of her mistake, saying she now wishes to move on from her past and change for the better.


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