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Five Guys Burger Joint To Open Malaysia's First Outlet In Genting Highlands Today!

If you're a fan of the American fast casual restaurant chain, Five Guys will be opening its first Malaysian outlet at Genting Highlands today (25 October)! The countdown was announced on their official Instagram page on 22 October, “T-3 days to freshly made customisable burgers, crispy fries and creamy milkshakes!”.

As interstate travelling is now allowed, you will be able to enjoy Five Guys' famous customisable burgers with freshly made patties, hand-cut fries, and their amazing milkshakes! The Five Guys opening was previously spotted by a netizen back in 2020, and it's finally here!

Five Guys prides themselves for their customisable burgers, allowing you to choose from more than 250,000 possible topping combinations for not only burger, but hotdogs and sandwiches as well! Did you know that their signature hand-cut fries are also fried in 100% peanut oil? - We are drooling right now!

Last but not least, their milkshakes are the perfect addition to wash down all the greasy food, with 11 different mix-ins ranging from Oreo Cookie Pieces to Bacon!

Will you be visiting Five Guys at Genting Highlands soon?


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