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Fitness Fanatic Jailed For Forcing Daughter To Sign ‘Never Get Fat’ Contract

Rachid Khadla, father of 3, forced his only daughter to sign a contract to make sure she does not gain weight. The fitness fanatic has then been jailed for 30 months for destroying the lives of his children, Karim, Amira, and Hitcham.

His children came together to expose Khadla for all the abuse they’ve endured in Windsor, Berkshire. BBC reported that he was branded a tyrant after jurors heard how he forced his children to do weekly weigh-ins. Back in 2012, Amira, his only daughter was ordered to sign a document which stated: ‘I will never let myself get fat…I will do lots of exercise to make sure I will never get fat…even if I die.’

Because of the abuse, Amira developed eating disorder. ‘I was made to feel stupid and worthless; I lost my self-confidence and developed an eating disorder. Every bit of my life was affected growing up, we did not have a normal life or a happy childhood.’

The abuser also controlled his children’s lives that includes access to the internet, mobile phone usage, and house keys. Prosecutor Alex Krikler also told the court that Khadla threw a chair at Amira when she was only 9-years-old. That act caused a keloid on her ear, which left her seeking for “numerous operations and treatments”.

On top of that, all 3 siblings also regularly went through physical assault with a wooden spoon on their hands. The abuse only came to light in 2019, when Khadla’s teenage son reported to the police that he was strangled and punched by his father in an attack. Sadly, years of abuse have effectively ruined their childhoods with long-term mental health issues.

According to BBC, Khadla pleaded not guilty to two counts of assault occasioning actual bodily harm and three counts of cruelty to a child.

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