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Fish Are Getting High By Eating Human Poop Containing Meth And It’s Becoming An Addiction

You read the headline correctly, fish, specifically trouts in the waters of Czech Republic and Slovakia, are now showing signs of drug addiction after they keep eating human poop containing traces of methamphetamine (meth) that are found in the freshwater rivers.

The bizarre occurrence was revealed in a recent study published in the Journal of Experimental Biology, which found that while these trouts have been feeding on human poop from wastewater, the presence of drugs in the poop is what’s affecting the fish’s foraging and mating patterns.

Along with his team, Pavel Horký, an ecologist at the Czech University of Life Sciences decided to study two groups of trout by placing 60 members each into two separate tanks, one of which contains similar levels of meth found in their natural habitat, while the other tank was normal.

After two months, the trouts were transferred back into their usual freshwater environment but upon observation, Horký and his team discovered that the trouts that were under the influence barely moved around.

Credits: The Mirror

The researchers then deduced that the fish could be experiencing behavioural changes like stress, anxiety and other withdrawal symptoms. To test this theory, they created a “choice area” in the tank that had a similar drug concentration as the previous tank and true enough, the trouts that were previously exposed to meth-concentrated waters started swimming towards the drugged area.

It’s crazy to think that even the slightest traces of drugs can cause such noticeable changes in wildlife behaviour, now just imagine how this would affect humans who consume much higher amounts of drugs. Don’t do drugs, guys.


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