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Feast Your Eyes On This Gorgeous Ikea Air Purifier

Air purifiers and diffusers were hot items to have in your home or office whether it’s to purify the air or just as a decorative piece. Well, Ikea is trying to bring back that trend by making one of the most gorgeous air purifiers I’ve ever seen!

Ikea introduced their Ikea Förnuftig that went on sale in the U.S today, while it was released in the overseas market earlier this year. The Ikea market in China was the first to get the sleek air purifier back in November 2020, but Ikea mentioned that the overseas market will be joining in soon after from February 2021 onwards.

Credit: WIRED

The Förnuftig goes for $55 in the U.S with 2 choices of colour, the black or white casing. The design comes with a woven grille that is grey in colour while the shape of it resembles the Sonos 2019 Symfonisk speakers. It measures roughly 12 by 18 inches and is pretty thin at 4.5 inches deep with a stand and mount that allows you to mount it horizontally or vertically on a wall.

Did I mention that the Ikea air purifier has a clean air delivery rate (CADR) of 130 cubic meter per hour? A CADR is an industry standard measurement of how efficiently a device can filter the air in a room over the span of an hour. That’s how you determine whether an air purifier is worth the price!

There are 3 speed settings on the Förnuftig, but there’s no auto mode to ramp up the speed when detecting higher particulate levels. The lowest speed setting is said to be quiet enough to have it in your room while you sleep.

Oh and a last note, since it’s an Ikea product, you’ll get to assemble it yourself! We’re hoping this air purifier is brought to the Malaysian Ikea market soon!


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