• Jonathan Shiek

Feast Your Eyes On The Only Gold Plated PS5 In The World

Caviar, a company known to sell extremely expensive gold iPhones did an incredible makeover for the PlayStation 5 and we are shook! They named it “Golden Rock” because of the unique rocky textured gold plating on the PS5’s exterior. The gold plate weighs about 20kg which is made out of 18 karat gold!

Caviar launches 18K gold & crocodile skin customized PS5 called "Golden Rock"#PS5 — HIC Tech (@ChoHic) December 28, 2020

They are currently only releasing details if you personally provide your contact information for them to contact you about it. We don’t know the actual pricing of the “Golden Rock” but a single kilo of 18 karat gold seems to be about $45,000 at the moment (gasp). You’ll also need to know that this limited edition PS5 won’t be made in bulks, there will only be 1 single unit produced!

Source: Mashable SEA


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