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Fake News: Ministry Of Communications And Information Is NOT Giving Away Free 100GB Internet Data

Another day another false news debunked. This time it’s a viral WhatsApp message that allegedly claimed that the Ministry of Communications and Information will be giving away 100GB worth of free internet data in conjunction with the Merdeka Day celebrations. But just so we’re clear, this is completely fake!

In a Facebook post, the Malaysian Department of Information has officially dismissed the claims, clarifying that the ministry has never shared any information about this subject. The ministry also urged members of the public to stop sharing the message as action can be taken against those who spread false information on social media.

According to the viral message, the Ministry of Communications and Information was said to have teamed up with cellular network operators to give out free 100GB of internet data quota throughout the month of August. Users who are Malaysian citizens and use a Malaysian phone number are eligible to claim the “free data” by clicking the given link.

The link leads users to a separate website that’s similar to Facebook in appearance, and displays the same information in a slightly pixelated image. There’s also a “Check” button which seemingly allows users to verify their eligibility, though it should be clear by now that clicking the button would probably lead you to more scam websites. So please be aware and stop falling for unverified information on social media!


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