• Jonathan Shiek

Fake Medical Workers In Uganda Injected Water Into More Than 800 Vaccine Recipients

Somehow, cases of vaccines being wrongly administered are not only happening in our country, but in other countries around the world too. Instead of being injected with empty syringes, more than 800 people in Uganda were allegedly injected with water instead of Covid-19 vaccines!

According to a report by Bloomberg, certain companies in Uganda paid to have their employees vaccinated at the work premises, but it turns out the medical workers who showed up were fraudsters who administered water to the employees. Apparently, the vaccines were administered over May and June as there was a spike in cases caused by the deadly Delta variant.

Unfortunately, the fake medical workers were targeting people who were willing to pay for immunisation like corporate employees. Scammers charged recipients between RM95 and RM594 for the fake Covid-19 vaccine shot. “Some unscrupulous individuals with intentions of making money, duped members of the public into a fake Covid-19 vaccine exercise,” said Dr Warren Naamara, the director of a health services monitoring unit under the presidency.

So far, they’ve only caught 2 of the scammers, and 1 of the fake medical doctor is still on the run. Thankfully, Dr Warren Naamara added that those who have allegedly received the fake injection will not need to worry, as the vials did not contain anything harmful.


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