• Jonathan Shiek

Facebook Will No Longer Remove Claims That Say Covid-19 Was Manufactured

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Facebook has made it its mission to curb the spread of any misinformation regarding the Covid-19 virus, one of which includes the conspiracy theory that the virus is man-made. Well according to the latest report by Politico, Facebook has announced that it will no longer stop people from spreading this news.

According to a spokesperson, Facebook’s latest policy change was made “in consultation with public health experts”. In fact, this decision comes after U.S. President Joe Biden had ordered its intelligence agencies to investigate the so-called lab-leak hypothesis about the virus origins.

Credits: The White House

Biden’s statement from yesterday mentioned that the analysis report found that there are two possible scenarios, the virus had either emerged from human contact with an infected animal, or it originated from a laboratory accident. However, majority of the intelligence community believe there isn’t enough evidence to conclude which scenario is more plausible.

For now, Facebook remains as the only major social media platform that has changed its policy. YouTube and Twitter have yet to respond to comments asking if they would implement similar policy updates.


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