• Jonathan Shiek

Facebook Will Be Releasing A Smartwatch That Will Feature Two Cameras

According to The Verge, Facebook’s smartwatch will be coming with a detachable display which will also come with 2 cameras! This will allow users to take photos and videos while also allowing them to upload them to Facebook and other platforms own by the company like Instagram. Naturally, this will also hint that LTE connectivity will be included for this purpose.

The cameras will be positioned like a phone will, one front-facing camera which exists for video calls. The other camera will be behind the module, allowing for 1080p recording with auto-focus. It was also said that Facebook will possibly be working with other companies to make accessories to allow the module to be attached to other things like backpacks.

Interesting enough, Facebook is reportedly already working on a second and third generation smartwatch, showing that the company is very confident on its success. We speculate that the first generation Facebook smartwatch will be released some time in summer 2022.


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