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Facebook User Customises Shoes With BTS McD Collab Packaging And People Are Lovin’ It

Yesterday (22/6), a Singaporean Facebook user’s post instantly went viral after he unprivated his post, which was a customised pair of shoes with McDonald’s BTS collaboration packaging! The FB user, Josiah Chua used cut outs of the purple BTS packaging to make amendments on his shoes which was pretty creative and looked amazing!

You can clearly see the cut outs of the McD BTS cup around the ankles along with the boxed up chicken nugget cut out on the sides. Kudos to Josiah for even adding the McD “littering” logo on the back of the shoe, resembling what used to be the brand of the original pair of shoes. On top of that, the heel of the shoe was redesigned with a cut out of the chicken nugget box with clear wordings of “The BTS Meal”, I am absolutely sold!

What’s even more interesting is that the shoe laces are looped into the 2 special sauces that comes in the BTS Meal. And naturally, the body of the shoes are covered in the purple McD packaging as well with the shoe laces also looping through to keep them in tact. A round of applause to Josiah and his photographer, Jayden Tan for adding purple lighting as the background and for matching the socks and pants with BTS’ signature colour.

Credit: Josiah Chua Facebook

In less than 24 hours, the post already garnered at least 1.2k likes and 2.3k shares! What do you think about the customised shoes?

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