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Facebook Is Testing On A Video-Based Dating App Called Sparked

If you’re currently looking into new dating apps, Facebook is currently working on a new app called Sparked, to spark your connection with other singles! As of now, when you’re using the Facebook app, you’ll be able to see the “Spark a Connection” dating feature called Facebook Dating, but Sparked will offer a different sort of service to users.

The social network will offer users short, 4 minute speed dates via a platform that relies on video rather than DMs. Apparently, Facebook mentioned that there won’t be direct messaging, public profiles, and “swiping”. Basically, daters will be meeting each other “face to face” for a short amount on time through video chats. You will then decide whether you want to take things further with a 10 minute video date.

The Sparked app will also allow users to choose gender preferences, whether you’re interested in men, women, or non-binary people. The dating app will ask users whether they are open to dating transgenders as well.

What do you think about the dating app Facebook is developing?


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