• Jonathan Shiek

Facebook Introduces “Stories” To Allow Users To Earn Money Through Sticker Ads

Facebook ain’t backing down from the content creation ladder, with its newest feature, it will allow creators on Facebook place ads that look like stickers into their own stories while receiving a cut of the resulting revenue. The “Stories” feature was brought to the platform 4 years ago, but with this additional technology, it could encourage creators to share content that isn’t highly produced or photogenic.

The sticker ad feature is still in testing stages, but the company mentioned that it may expand soon, and then apply the technology to short-form videos on Facebook. For an example of how it works, if someone posts a video from Yosemite National Park, a sticker could advertise a local business at that area.

Other than that, videos that are 1 minute long can now receive ads. Previously, only videos 3 minutes of longer could monetize with these ads, but now ads will be places 30 seconds into a 1 minute long content while ads can be placed 45 seconds into content that are longer than 3 minutes.

That is not it, Facebook actually spent $7 million to promote the Star feature, which allows viewers of live content tip virtual creators, each pay a creator a cent. Facebook will be making free Stars available during certain live streams for viewers to send to creators. Virtual gifts will also be made available for viewers to send over.

These efforts are definitely going to help creators and Facebook users earn some money. Which of these have you already tried out?


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