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Extremely Rare iPhone 11 Pro With Misaligned Logo Is Worth RM16k

If you’re an iPhone user who’s reading this right now, you might want to turn your phone around and check if your Apple logo is centrally aligned because if not, then you’re in luck my friend. According to user Internal Archive on Twitter, a misprinted iPhone 11 Pro with an off-centred Apple logo is said to worth $2,700 (RM11,100)!

A misprint iPhone 11 Pro that sold for 2700$. This misprint is extremely rare- I’d say 1 in 100 million or possibly even rarer. — Internal Archive (@ArchiveInternal) April 9, 2021

For reference, even the most expensive model of a brand new iPhone 11 Pro is priced around $1,349 (RM5,500), so this rare iPhone 11 Pro is fetching double the price of an ordinary iPhone, all because of a misprint – now who said your flaws aren’t worth something?

However, the phone may not be sold just yet. According to World of Buzz, the owner who purchased the phone from an Apple Store in China posted it on Yahoo auctions in Japan, but received no bids.

But apparently, there’s already a third-party who may be someone “very well-known”, that’s interested to buy the phone from the owner for $4,100 (RM16,900)!

For now, the identity of the mysterious buyer remains anonymous, but hopefully we’ll be able to find out soon because I’m really interested to know who’s willing to cash out on close to RM17k just for an iPhone.


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