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Ex Victoria’s Secret Model Says She Starved Herself For 3 Days To Stay Skinny Enough For The Brand

Most of us are probably familiar with the brand Victoria's Secret, more specifically its iconic fashion show that features the beautiful Victoria's Secret Angels showing off their toned bodies and wide smiles while dressing in decorated lingerie. But believe it or not, the smiles on the models' faces might not all be genuine, given the toxic dieting culture that happens backstage.

Former Victoria's Secret model Bridget Malcolm recently revealed her "traumatic" experience working with the brand from 2016 to 2017. Although the experience only lasted a year, it was enough to result in Malcolm developing eating and anxiety disorders due to the unhealthy weight loss culture the company promotes.

"The longest I managed to go without eating was three days and I had to quit because I kept passing out. I was annoyed with myself because I was determined to make it to five days but I couldn’t," she said, "I remember being so angry with myself and feeling as though I had failed somehow on not being able to survive on water for that long."

The extreme dieting habit left Malcolm feeling malnourished, to the point where it would take her "10 minutes to climb a flight of stairs." To make things worse, the 29-year-old Australian model was eventually dumped by the brand after she gained half an inch on her hips.

Malcolm is not the only model to accuse the lingerie company of enforcing toxic weight loss and bodyshaming culture. However, Victoria's Secret has announced a few months back that it will be rebranding to focus on being more inclusive and empowering to all women.


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