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Ex-Soldier With Over 100 Blood Donations Has An “Addiction” To Donating Blood

It’s generous to donate money, but it’s incredibly selfless to donate blood, especially when the person has been donating it more than 100 times in just six months time! Nor Aziman Idris is a retired soldier who continues to serve the country by becoming a champion blood donor.

The 48-year-old father of six previously served in the 15th Battalion of the Royal Malay Regiment based in Senawang. As a soldier, he was required to donate blood regularly, and that was where his dedication for blood donation started 28 years ago.

“I still donate blood. I feel uneasy if I don’t. It’s like an addiction,” said Nor Aziman, who donates blood every three months. We’re only halfway through the year, but Nor Aziman has already donated blood 100 times, and counting.

For his effort, he was even presented with a platinum award from Hospital Tuanku Ja’afar for holding the record of most blood donations in Negeri Sembilan this year.

Nor Aziman (right) receiving his platinum award. Credits: FMT

Apart from donating blood, Nor Aziman is also an apheresis (plasma and platelet) donor. And by the looks of it, he doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

“I can’t afford to donate in kind or money, but I hope my tiny contribution will help save a life,” said Nor Aziman, who also encourages others to follow suit, “Aside from helping others, donating blood has health benefits and is an investment in the afterlife. I hope this will motivate others to become donors too.”


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