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Ex-Rock Band Member Now Works As A Garbage Collector For A Living

The Covid-19 pandemic has pushed many people into some pretty dire situations as millions have lost everything from their jobs to businesses.

While it can be tough to keep your head high at times like these, 55-year-old Yazid Alias managed to find a way to pull through. The former vocalist for rock band Sejati is now working as a garbage collector for a living, and he’s happy with his new job.

According to Yazid, the band was no longer receiving any invitations to perform in shows due to the pandemic. This left Yazid no choice but to opt for a career change in order to continue supporting his family.

However, the band member remains positive and even clarified that he doesn’t feel embarrassed about his work, saying “Why should I be ashamed because this job is halal, and I don’t mind anything that is offered as long as it can provide sustenance to my family.”

Yazid’s work routine begins at 9am where he would ride a bike, which has since been modified to a three-wheeled motorcycle, to collect trash around Kampung Balun. For his service, every house would pay Yazid RM10 per month but he added that some generous customers would pay him extra as they appreciate his sincerity and dedication towards his job.

Yazid’s story proves that there’s truly no such thing as a job too big or small, as long as you’re earning an honest living at a respectful job. And Yazid definitely earned our respect with his hard work, we wish him all the best!


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