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Ex-Engineer Quits Job To Sell RM1 Buns, Now Opens Bakery And Hires SPM-Leavers

Last year’s MCO forced many people out of their jobs and businesses, leaving them with no choice but to venture into new career fields as a means of survival. Ridzuan Jamal from Sabah was one of those who had to quit his job as a supervising engineer last year due to the lack of income-generating projects during MCO.

Thanks to some help from his friend, the 28-year-old was able to venture into the food and beverage industry by becoming an agent selling RM1 buns. With his knowledge from a basic business course, Ridzuan started selling and promoting the buns from his car booth around residential areas in Penampang and Putatan.

Credits: En. Rotiboy HQ (Facebook)

Despite Ridzuan’s early concerns, he soon found that the buns practically sold themselves thanks to the cheap prices! “I remember selling about 350 buns on my first day as an agent, with some  families buying 10 to 12 buns for their families,” he said.

In just three months into his new job, Ridzuan was surprised to find that he was earning more as an agent selling bread than he did as an engineer. This gave him enough capital to open his own bakery and on top of that, he managed to hire eight workers to help him sell the RM1 buns in areas like Kota Kinabalu, Kimanis, Likas, and Tuaran.

Credits: NST

Ridzuan was also gracious enough to hire SPM-leavers as part-time employees in his business, saying “I’m glad to be in a position to give people jobs.”

“Finding a job amidst a pandemic is so difficult, and one of the boys whom I recruited told me that his car was about to be repossessed as he lost his job and couldn’t pay for his bills. But luckily, his situation changed when he secured a job to work under me and he was able to pay for his car.”

For now, Ridzuan said his agents are able to sell 5,000 to 6,000 buns daily and he’s hoping to expand his business to other parts of Sabah. You can check out more about Ridzuan’s bakery here.


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