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Ex-BIGBANG Member Seungri Could Face Up To 5 Years Jail Time For Sex And Gambling Scandal

It’s been two years since the infamous Burning Sun sex scandal shook the entire K-pop and international entertainment industry. Since then, several K-pop idols who were revealed to be involved in the scandal have resigned from the entertainment industry, one of whom is Seungri from the popular group BIGBANG.

Although Seungri has repeatedly denied majority of his charges, which includes pandering, embezzlement, and habitual gambling, the military prosecutors handling this case is currently seeking a five-year jail term and a fine of 20 million won (RM73,500) for the former idol.

“Despite gaining advantages from the crimes, he is shifting the responsibility on another person… Considering his problematic views and attitude regarding sex, he needs to face severe punishment,” a prosecutor said about Seungri.

When screenshots of the conversation between Seungri and his business partners initially surfaced, Seungri, whose real name is Lee Seung-hyun, tried to feign innocence by saying his text “Girls? Go with ones that give it good” was a mistake made by autocorrect, instead of an evidence showing his involvement in the illegal prostitution services.

Credits: Dispatch

But South Korean media outlet Dispatch has recently released more screenshots of the chat room, which shows more proof of Seungri’s involvement in pandering. Some of his texts include detailed orders like “Make sure to give them everything they want. Call the girls. It looks like there are guests from Taiwan” and “K, Jonghun, and Joon Young. You guys check and see if there are some pretty girls who can speak Japanese” – I mean, how do you even blame this on autocorrect?

Credits: Dispatch

As of now, the case is still ongoing so we would have to stay updated to find out what the official ruling is. But I think that considering the prominence of this case and the amount of innocent victims involved, five years of jail term seems like an easy way to be let off the hook.


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