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Ever Wondered How Your Favorite Disney Princess Would Look Like in Traditional Malaysian Outfits?

It is certainly uncommon to grow up watching Disney movies and in doing so, I am certain that we have always admired the beautiful, strong and brave Disney princesses. But how many of you have actually imagined how they would look like in our own traditional garments?

This local freelance artist sure did!

Credits: RojakDaily

Introducing Farah Lina Mohamad Noor Daim. Farah was in love with Disney princesses since she was young girl and she was on a mission to reimagine the famous Disney princesses in local costumes.

According to Farah, her mission stemmed from her love of local cultures and she always wondered how trading the flowy dresses you typically see on a Disney princess with local traditional attire would look like.

The 35-year old artist stated that the entire process of conceptualising and identifying each states traditional attire took her 3 months. Farah didn’t just limit her masterpieces to Malaysia however, she also made costumes for Singapore and Brunei.

The inspiration first hit Farah when she noticed that Perlis was very similar to Arendelle with regards to the fact that they both are small, yet powerful. Consequently, the first princess she drew was Anna from ‘Frozen’.

If you’re keen on a little teaser of what to expect from this talented lady, here you go!

Credits: Art Of FarahDaim

Credits: Art Of FarahDaim

Credits: Art Of FarahDaim

Credits: Art Of FarahDaim

Apart from Anna in the Kebaya, Farah also created Rapunzel in Baju Melayu, Princess Jasmine in a saree and Mulan in a kebaya with Chinese collar blouse.

Since she posted her creations, Farah’s work has been shared more than 4,000 times of Facebook. You can see all of her creations here.


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