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Essential Skincare Tips To Protect Your Skin This Ramadan

Can you believe that in a blink of an eye, it’s already the second week of Ramadan? While many of us know the importance of maintaining the right diet before and after fasting to ensure you’re taking care of your health during Ramadan, most people forget that not eating and drinking would impact our skin drastically too.

So here’s a guide to essential skincare tips to help you keep your skin nice and fresh throughout Ramadan and just in time to celebrate Raya!

1. Cut the caffeine

I know this sounds painful to all the coffee lovers out there, but you know they say, beauty is pain. According to skincare expert Rebecca Treston, the trick to maintaining good skin during Ramadan is to avoid foods like caffeine and sodas because they are known to suck the minerals out of your body, which is undoubtedly bad for your skin.

2. Skip the sugar

It’s normal to crave something sweet after a long day of fasting but be careful not to overindulge because sugar is known to cause aging, breakouts as well as collagen and elastin degradation, which in turn leads to saggy and wrinkled skin.

“Sugar can weaken our immune system, and our bodies aren’t as effective at fighting off bacteria when our immune systems are suppressed – a leading cause of acne and other inflammatory skin conditions,” says beautician and skincare expert Edwige Gandin.

3. Stay away from the sun

This should be an easy tip to follow because I don’t think anyone in the right mind would enjoy going under the scorching Malaysian heat when you’re already hungry and tired from fasting. But you should know that even the slightest exposure to the sun and heat may cause dehydration and stress out your skin.

So the next time you’re out running an errand, make sure to walk in the shade and always put on sunscreen (I absolutely cannot stress this enough), even if you’re just out for while.

4. Hydration is the key

Yes, I am aware that you’re not allowed to drink water during Ramadan but that doesn’t mean your skin should feel dehydrated as well. In fact, you should be using more hydrating and moisturising skincare products during Ramadan because your skin tend to lose lots of moisture when fasting.

But of course when you’re permitted to drink water before and after fasting, make sure to drink loads of it because that will help to plump up and hydrate your skin, and keep it looking bright and fresh!

5. Eat good, feel good

You are what you eat, and what you put inside your body will reflect outside your skin. So apart from skipping sugar, another pro-tip is to eat clean and natural, which means cutting down on those artificial additives and preservatives. And if you can, ditching dairy will also prevent breakouts and acne.

At the same time, you can also try including superfoods like açai berries in your Ramadan diet because these foods that are packed with vitamins can help to rejuvenate and repair your skin.


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