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eSports is Back as a Medal Event For the 31st SEA Games

As eSports grows more popular across the face of the earth, many people are finally accepting the fact that gaming does indeed belong on the highest level of competitive sports. Professional gamers go through the same struggles regular athletes do and perhaps even more. Pro-gamers put their bodies through hell and more often than not, their returns are pathetically low or sometimes, completely non-existent.

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Thankfully, that is all in the past as they can now reward their hard work by representing their county yet again as The South-East Asian (SEA) Games will again feature eSports as a medal event with contests across multiple game titles.

Games included in the medal events are primarily multiplayer games with some familiar titles such as League of Legends, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Arena Of Valor, PUBG Mobile, CrossFire, and Fifa Online.

Following the announcement that the SEA Games will feature eSports again, the Malaysia Esports Federation announced that they encourage players to represent the country by registering and training for the events via their website.

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The 31st SEA Games will be hosted by Vietnam and the events will take place at the Vietnam National Convention Center in Hanoi, Vietnam from Nov 21 to Dec 2.

Well that certainly doesn’t give me much time to train so I suppose I will just have to leave it up to the professionals. Either way, I do hope that Malaysia brings back the gold for each and every one of these games.

Now, if only we can get eSports into the Olympics…


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