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English Politician Who Posed In Front Of Phallic Graffiti Wins Election In Landslide Victory

Sometimes, mistakes have a way of working themselves out. Just look at Tiger Patel, a taxi driver who has just been elected as a Conservative Party councillor for the Blackburn with Darwen Council in north west England, even after he was shown to be standing in front of an embarrassing penis graffiti in his viral campaign video.

Patel, whose real name is Altaf Patel, decided to make a campaign video of him walking through a children’s playground with the song “Tabdeeli Ayi Re” play in the background.

While he probably intended to follow Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s footsteps (the latter also featured the popular song in his successful election campaign), Patel definitely did not expect his campaign video to turn out the way it did.

In the video, Patel could be seen walking around the playground, gesturing to the broken swing sets before he went on to climb up the slide and extended his arms wide to strike a Richard Nixon-style victory pose.

The awkward part is, Patel had unknowingly stood in front of a graffiti depicting the male genitalia. Naturally, the video went viral. But what makes this story even better is that despite the slightly humiliating gesture, Patel still managed to win the election by 52.5%!

Speaking on his landslide victory, Patel said “I would like to thank the community and also my dedicated cameraman Abu Bakar Lorgat.”


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