• Jonathan Shiek

Elon Musk Will Be Hosting SNL But The Backlash Is Turning Into Memes

Following SNL’s announcement that billionaire Elon Musk will be hosting the show next month, alongside singer, Miley Cyrus, a new meme is now being made viral with the Post-it note layout all over social media. Fans and casts of SNL are definitely taken aback from the bold choice of having Elon Musk host the long-running sketch comedy show.

Aidy Bryant and Bowen Yang's posts on their instagram stories after Elon Musk was announced as the next SNL host!!! Even the show's cast hates him!!!!! Why didn't they just give Miley Cyrus double duty as she deserves!!!!!!! — Georgia👑 (@Georgia39410) April 25, 2021

Many pointed out that Miley Cyrus could’ve just hosted the show while being the musical guest star, which is what Nick Jonas is set to do before Musk and Cyrus’ appearance on the show. Okay let’s cut this short, I know you’re looking forward to the memes!

Here are a couple of hilarious ones:

Really, SNL? Shame on you. — Charlie Ashby (@CMWAshby) April 25, 2021
#SNLmay8 — Myk Little (@myk_little) April 26, 2021 — Joe Findlay (@miscastjoe) April 25, 2021 — Lindsay Petersen (@lindsspace) April 25, 2021


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