• Jonathan Shiek

Elderly Grandma Hustles Daily As A Silver Statue To Feed Her Grandson

I’m sure you’ve read the title and went “where are the grandson’s parents?” Unfortunately the 2-year old child was abandoned by his divorced parents, so naturally his grandmother had to step up to take care of him. She used to be a house helper in Tangerang but the divorce drove her to a corner where she had to busk to earn and care for her grandson.

Grandma Mumun, who is in her 60’s was willing to go through the extra mile for her grandson. According to, she has been hustling as a ‘silver statue’ in Indonesia, just so her grandson, Reihan gets to eat every day. 


Her daily routine is to cover her whole body in silver paint before she heads busks on the streets. She also mentioned that she used dish-washing liquid to remove the silver paint after a whole day of busking. Apparently, Grandma Mumun has been doing this for about 4 months now, busking under the hot sun like a statue with her grandson beside her.

A full day of busking would earn her about RM14 to RM28, hoping that good Samaritans would walk by the area more often. My heart really aches looking at her hustle so hard as an elderly lady.

What do you think about this news? 


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