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Elderly Covid-19 Patient Calls Her Son To Tell Him “Don’t Blame Yourself If Mummy Doesn’t Wake Up”

If you are still out and about without worrying about the current Covid-19 spread that is getting worse day by day, then you should probably take a look at this heartfelt message that was shared by a frontliner called Timothy Lau, that moved everyone on social media’s heart.

Timothy shared one of his patient’s message to warn others about the dangers of Covid-19, he also mentioned that his part of the job involves sedating and intubating Covid-19 patients. “I always give my patients time to call their love ones, or (insist) on them calling someone. There’s always someone to speak to,” the frontliner said.

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One of his elderly patients decided to call her son, possibly for the very last time. “Mummy didn’t blame you for bringing Covid home,” she told her son. “Don’t blame yourself if mummy didn’t end up waking up.” Timothy posted the story on Instagram, along with a black and white picture of a medical staff, tagged with #protectourelderly as a plea and call to look out for our elders.

I understand that the pandemic has affected all of our lives, being trapped at home while hoping the pandemic ends soon can be extremely draining. However, remember that the current situation doesn’t only involve YOU, it involves EVERYONE. So please continue to stay put at home while thinking of your loved ones, stay safe and keep following the SOPs to lessen the burden of the frontliners!



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