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Eight-Month-Old Puppy Saves Family Of Five From House Fire In Teluk Intan

Aside from being a great companion, dogs can sometimes turn out to be your lifesaver too. An eight-month puppy named Anandaveli has recently been hailed as her family’s hero after her vigilance helped rescued the family from a house fire.

The incident happened last Wednesday morning at around 5am when the family of five were sound asleep inside their double-storey terrace home in Eastern Garden, Teluk Intan. Upon noticing something was wrong, the puppy began nibbling on her owner, Vimala’s hair, ears and face as well as tugging on her clothes in an attempt to wake her up.

While Anandaveli’s attempts were successful, Vimala initially thought her puppy was just thirsty, so she told the dog to grab a drink from the kitchen. But the pooch refused to give up and continued her attempts to wake her owners up.

Eventually, Vimala decided to check on the situation and she was horrified to discover the family’s prayer area in the middle of the house was up in flames. Vimala immediately screamed for her family to wake up and evacuate the burning house.

Anandaveli wasn’t the only hero in the household as Vimala’s youngest son, Vimalan also risked his life to run back inside the house to carry his father, who had difficulty walking, out of the inferno. Thankfully, the firefighters arrived in time to put out the fire and no one got hurt.

Although the family’s house was damaged, they were promised financial aid and relief from Pasir Bedamar assemblyman Terence Naidu. But everyone agreed that had it not been for Anandaveli’s quick thinking, things would have been much worse.

Credits: Mashable SEA

Interestingly enough, the relationship between the dog and the owner seem to work both ways as Vimala also helped to save Anandaveli from the brink of death when the mongrel was born as a sick puppy. “I nursed her back to health. I even bottle fed her,” said Vimala.


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