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Eeeeeee! Cakes That Will Leave you With Goosebumps.

When we celebrate birthdays we expect a sweet savoring cake, singing along happy birthday and saying “make a wish”. Now imagine your cake was a realistic cockroach or lizard? Yeah, crazy enough two bakers from Ipoh decided to bring the fear factor back to life. Be prepared for a nightmare ladies and gentlemen.

The bakers Ethan and Irene Wong posted on their facebook account with the caption saying “creepy little lizards for your birthday” which went viral.

Credit: The Slice Ipoh Homebaker

It’s the details that are vital, little things make big things happen. Look how accurate they sculpted the texture, eyes, tiny claws of the lizard and, couple of them clinging onto the side.

Credit: The Slice Ipoh Homebaker

Check out these creepy crawlers on the cake.

Curious if those cockroaches and lizards are safe to eat? Yes, they are made entirely out of cake. I can only imagine the screams of disgust when someone who is scared of crawlers is given this cake! What are your thoughts?

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