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Dutch Artist’s Light Installation Can Help Plants Grow

A social design lab in the Netherlands, Studio Roosegaarde has unveiled Grow, a 20,000-square-metre light installation projected vertically across crop fields, designed to stimulate crop growth.

The Rotterdam-based studio, led by designer Daan Roosegaarde, used red, blue and ultraviolet lights to transform a field into a dynamic artwork.

People walking through Grow installation by Studio Roosegaarde Image:

As well as creating a visual spectacle, the installation serves as a prototype for how certain “light recipes”, specific types of red, blue and ultraviolet light can be used to increase plant growth and reduce the use of pesticides by up to 50 per cent.

The “light recipe” combines specific types of red, blue and ultraviolet light

A self-confessed urbanite (meaning a person living in a town or city), Roosegaarde told Dezeen he had spent very little time exploring the Netherlands’ agricultural landscape, so was amazed to experience it first hand.

Despite being a relatively small country, the Netherlands is one of the world’s largest producers of vegetables, second only to the United States, and has established itself as a pioneer of highly efficient farming techniques.

an illustration showing how the UV light works on plants

Combinations of red and blue LED lights are shown to encourage plant growth. Image: GROW/Ruben Hamelink and Daan Roosegaarde

Studio Roosegaarde created Grow with high-density LEDs positioned at different points around the field.

The devices move up and down, distributing the light evenly across the field. As they move, they create dancing patterns that are hypnotic to watch. “It’s very futuristic and also very romantic, in a way,” suggested Roosegaarde.

Studio Roosegaarde also recently announced that they’ll be a part of the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Proud to be officially part of the World Economic Forum in Davos with GROW! Artistic agriculture. #DavosAgenda #Grow #daanroosegaarde @Rabobank #design #agriculture #innovation #food #art #light — Studio Roosegaarde (@SRoosegaarde) January 26, 2021

Watch the mesmerizing video below:

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