• Jonathan Shiek

Don’t Wear Blue Or Black When The Weather Is Hot, Wear Yellow Or White Instead

Since we’re in Malaysia where it’s constant hot weather all year long, you might wanna steer clear of dark coloured clothing when you’re out under the sun to avoid attracting more heat. Instead, try wearing white or yellow coloured outfits as these shades are said to keep your body cool.

In a 2020 study by a group of Japanese scientists, led by researcher Toshiaki Ichinose of the National Institute for Environmental Studies, nine mannequins donning polo shirts of different colours that range from red to light green, yellow, blue, black, white, or dark green were placed under the sun where the outside temperature was about 30°C.

After just five minutes of sun exposure, the researchers examined the surface temperature of the fabric and found that there was about a 20°C difference between the coolest and the warmest polo shirt. Out of all of the clothing, the white polo shirt maintained the lowest temperature at 30°C but the black polo shirt actually managed to reach a surface temperature of 50°C!

If you’re looking to keep your body cool under the heat, the researchers found that yellow, grey, and red are suitable colours to wear. Although the colour purple may be a darker shade, it was ranked middle among all of the colours so it’s still not a bad colour to wear.

Lastly, unless you’re hoping to turn into a human version of a solar panel and attract more heat, do avoid wearing clothes that are blue, black, and surprisingly, light green, and dark green.


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