• Jonathan Shiek

Don’t Be Fooled By This KFC “Women’s Day Survey”

Scammers these days are taking advantage of every chance they can get to pry out personal information from people, and this latest case really proves our statement! 8 March, International Women’s Day was a time where women are celebrated, and many brands offered deals and special discounts for Malaysian women.

KFC Malaysia released a statement in regards to an online “survey” that has been circulating around WhatsApp, about winning a Family Feast Bucket if you’ve completed the survey. The fast food chain said that the survey is not affiliated with KFC Malaysia, and that it is a scam used to steal users personal information.

If you’ve received any of these links, please don’t click into it:



With that said, do stay alert and check on KFC Malaysia’s website and social media platforms for promotions and deals, and not from dodgy WhatsApp links!


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