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Does Eating Meals at Different Times Matter?

Many of us are now a little more health conscious than we were prior to the pandemic. This can probably be attributed to the fact that we now have a little more time at home to properly cook and plan our meals. So in the pursuit of healthy eating, we may have come across various conflicting information regarding food and eating habits.

Perhaps one of the most looked up facts about healthy dietary habits would be what times are optimal for eating, and for which types of foods. For example, you may have come across this ‘fact’ stating that you should avoid eating salads at dinner as it is harder for your system to digest it before turning in for the night while looking for tips on what to eat. But unfortunately, there is hardly any significant scientific evidence to back the claim that salad is indeed harder to digest at night, according to Astrid Donalies from the German Nutrition Society (DGE). He also added saying that the famous myth that anything eaten after 6pm remains undigested isn’t true.

That said, it is advisable for those of you with heartburn to avoid eating fruits in the evening especially citrus fruits, said Sabine Holzaepfel, a nutrition consultant in Germany. Apparently, consuming fruits in the evening can lead to unpleasantness when lying down thus making it harder for you to fall asleep.

Holzaepfel also stated that certain studies have indicated that consumption of food at certain timing does matter. For instance, heavily spiced or fried foods stay in the gastrointestinal tract longer and take longer to digest. Therefore, anyone who suffers from stomach pressure, a feeling of fullness or heartburn should aim for smaller meals in the evening, and to eat at least three or four hours before bed.

Donalies followed up saying that there have been scientific observations that show certain foods eaten later at night could promote obesity and type 2 diabetes, particularly candy or other sweets, and white bread.


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