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Does Drinking Hot Water Really Help You Lose Weight?

Growing up, we constantly get nagged by our parents to drink more water and to drink hot water instead of iced. How many of you have heard your mother say “If you don’t drink enough water you will shrivel up into a prune one day” or “if you drink more hot water, you will kill all the bad virus and bacteria in your body”.

Although most of us usually dismiss such claims as “aunty logic” there is surprisingly some facts that support those claims. For instance, drinking hot water can help repair your cells, increase elastane and collagen production which improves the quality of your skin while also repairing damaged skin.

Now you must be thinking “well okay that makes sense, but there’s no way drinking hot water can kill viruses and bacteria right?” and you would be correct in thinking so. However, in a study published by ‘The National Library of Medicine’, they found out that hot water can provide immediate relief from common cold symptoms such as a runny rose, cough, sneezing, sore throat, chilliness, and tiredness.

So no, hot water does NOT kill viruses and bacteria, but it can help relieve some symptoms of the common cold.

If you are trying to lose weight and let’s face it, who isn’t. Drinking hot water is definitely the best. Simply squeeze a bit of lemon juice into a cup of hot water first thing in the morning and let science do the rest! Apparently drinking hot water helps maintain your metabolism and break down fat tissues.

So that settles it right? We should only drink hot water from now on?

Well…not exactly. Cold water also has its share of perks. For instance, drinking cold water can help reduce dehydration and for people who exercise in the heat and humidity (literally every Malaysian) drinking cold water can reduce the rise in your core body temperature. According to WebMD, it appears that cold water drinkers are able to exercise longer without feeling exhausted.

In addition, consuming cold water can help you stay focused as it activates sensors under our skin which increases our heart rate and gives us an adrenaline rush which in turn, keeps you alert and mentally ready.

So the next time you’re inclined to gulp down a large iced coffee to keep you awake and alert, try a glass of iced water instead. Its way healthier.


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