• Jonathan Shiek

Do We Still Need External SD Cards For Smartphones?

Remember the days of buying new Secure Digital (SD) cards for your phone because it was running low on storage? The truth is, some smartphones users don’t even know what that means anymore because external SD cards are quickly becoming a thing of the past, especially in the age of cloud storage.

Samsung recently removed the microSD card slot from its new Galaxy S21 Ultra smartphone and while it was considered a first for the South Korean tech company, Apple had long ditched the feature since the beginning for its first iPhone.

Even experts have recommended using the inbuilt memory over an external microSD card since most apps cannot be installed in external storage. But the lack of external storage might pose problems for photographers as high quality 4K videos tend to consume a lot of storage space.

And some users might even notice that even though your smartphone claims to have 128GB or 256GB of internal storage, there’s actually only 109GB or 220GB of storage space available. That’s because most smartphones’ operating system already take up around 30GB of memory on its own.

With that said, smartphone users can always purchase and upgrade to extra cloud storage space via services like iCloud, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive. So I guess long story short, using external SD cards for smartphones really aren’t necessary anymore.


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