• Jonathan Shiek

Dissatisfied With Your Small Penis? Blame Pollution… Not Your Parents

Red alert! Red alert! Human penises are literally shrinking and becoming malformed… at birth… due to pollution.

According to environmental scientist and professor of Environmental Medicine and Public Health at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital, New York  Dr. Shanna Swan, phthalates in the air is taking a toll on the male reproductive organ leading to abnormal genital sizes, erectile dysfunction, lower sperm counts, and dangerously-low fertility rates.

Phthalates is basically a chemical that is commonly used in the manufacturing process of plastics. When it gets released into the air due to carelessness or negligence by said manufactories, phthalates severely impacts your endocrine system which produces hormones, thus resulting in babies being born with smaller penises, ultimately resulting in an adult with a baby sized penis (on certain occasions).

The reason why it occurs is because phthalates contains estrogen-like properties which disrupts the natural hormone production in males leading to smaller penises and even gynecomastia (man boobs) in certain cases.

What is even scarier, Swan also projected that by 2045, most men will be infertile due to excess pollution and in the long run, the human race might even be wiped out entirely because of the lack of fertility in males.

Well in light of this astounding discovery, I sure hope people will finally be motivated to clean up their trash and hopefully take pollution and global warming a little more seriously.


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