• Jonathan Shiek

Disneyland, The Happiest Place On Earth Is Now A Covid-19 ‘Super Site’

We’re truly sorry to burst your happy bubble and expectations of traveling to happy places around the world so soon, but Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, will become a Covid-19 vaccination distribution center following an announcement on Monday.

California officials announced that the park is now capable of vaccinating thousands of people each day as the iconic theme park operations remains shut due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Also mentioned by Forbes:

  1. The theme park will be a large “point-of-distribution” site, known as a “Super POD site,” and is the first of five regional sites expected to open in the area.

  2. The vaccination site will open later this week, county officials said.

  3. Vaccinations are currently only available to Californians who qualify for the state’s “Phase 1a” tier, which includes healthcare workers, law enforcement and those over age 75.

The news follows a previous announcement that Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles County will also serve as a Covid-19 vaccination super site.

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