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Disney Will Release Rest Of Its 2021 Films In Theatres Before Making Them Available On Disney+

Credit: Barron’s

Attention all Disney movie buffs! Walt Disney Co announced that it will be releasing the rest of its 2021 films asclusively in theatres before making them available on its streaming service, Disney+. The company had been experimenting by debuting some of its movies on the streaming service and theatres at the same time during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Upcoming movie titles like Eternals, West Side Story, and Encanto will be released in theatres soon. Disney mentioned that the animated musical, Encanto will be playing in theatres for 30 days starting 24 November before being released on Disney+. Meanwhile, other Disney releases like Marvel’s Eternals and Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story will play exclusively in theatres for at least 45 days before being released on its streaming service.

Many movie stars and film directors have had issues with Walt Disney Co due to the company releasing their films onto Disney+ and theatres at the same time, so will this solve the matter or will there still be legal issues between the company and the movie stars or film directors?

Do you prefer watching movies in theatres or on streaming services like Disney+ or Netflix?


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