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Disney+ Has Marvel, But HBO Max Will Soon Acquire All DC Movies And TV Shows

While Disney+ acquired all of Marvels successful franchises from movies to TV shows, HBO Max finally took the leap to work on a plan with DC Comics’ movies and TV shows along with future DC projects on the streaming platform. As you all know, HBO Max is the home to many WarnerMedia releases like Godzilla vs Kong and Zack Snyder’s Justice League along with DC Universe’s Doom Patrol, Titans, and Harley Quinn.

Pin em DC's Harley Quinn

This will definitely bring HBO Max into the same league as Disney+ and Marvel. “HBO Max presents a huge opportunity for DC. It allows us to make high-quality mid-budget superhero movies that reintroduce lesser-known DC titles, while also crossing over stand-out characters from our bigger films into original series. Connecting the DC cinematic universe with Max gives our fans more ways to explore the DC multiverse and more chances to enjoy more great stories with these beloved characters,” said Toby Emmerich.

So what can you expect from this partnership? DC is currently part way through filming The Suicide Squad’s spinoff, Peacemaker while there are other planned series like DC Super Hero High, Justice League Dark, Green Lantern, and a spinoff on The Batman which centers on the GCPD.

Disney+ had already gotten the head start to obtaining all of Marvel’s movies and TV shows, but Warner will be going to plunder the archives of DC’s long history for DC fans. Let the war between both giants begin!

Who’s team are you on, Marvel or DC?


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