• Jonathan Shiek

Discover Your ‘Year In Review’ 2020 On TikTok

Spotify isn’t the only one with the yearly review, TikTok jumped on the bandwagon to allow users to relive their last year on the platform. The ‘Year On TikTok’ feature allows users to revisit 2020 and see metrics like your most-watched audio and videos, your favourite effects, like and comment activity, and the number/ kinds of videos you shared.

To find your personalized summary, make sure your app is already updated to the latest version. Head on over to the ‘Discover’ tab to access the ‘Year On TikTok’ banner or through your “For You” feed! Another detail to add on for users is by sharing your 2020 summary on your account, you’ll be able to collect a 2021 badge to be added to your profile picture!

Source: The Star


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