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Discord Introduces Clubhouse-Like Feature Called Stage Channels

Every platform is trying to jump on the Clubhouse trend by adding features that allow users to broadcast audio conversations to a room of virtual listeners. Discord rolled out a new feature called Stage Channels for its desktop and mobile application users which is pretty similar to the Clubhouse feature.

“Stages can be especially useful in situations where you’re running events within your server such as voice AMAs or interviews, reading clubs where each person talks about their book of choice, or just singing the night away in karaoke.”

“Whether you’re in the spotlight or in the audience, Stage Channels are here to help bring everyone just a bit more closer together for audio-centric events of all varieties.”

Although it is now available on Discord, Stage Channels is only accessible to Community servers which are those that have fulfilled certain criterias set by the platform like verified members, moderators, community rules and guidelines, and enabling explicit media content filters. If your server is eligible then you can cruise on over to the “Server Settings” and then “Community” to access the feature.

Unlike Clubhouse, Stage Channel displays a row of large tiles that represents the featured speakers and on the bottom it would be the list of participants in the channel. For listeners, there’s a “raise hand” function available in case you wish to speak or ask questions.

Discord is currently the only platform with the broadcasting feature on all platforms including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.


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