• Jonathan Shiek

Dewan Bahasa Defines ‘Sepet’ As “Small Like Chinese Eyes”

They say that lighting doesn’t strike twice, but Dewan Bahasa proves that phrase wrong! Dewan Bahasa and Pustaka just recently got flamed by the public after MIC Youth member, Thiagaseelan Ganesan called them out for their misleading definition of the word “Thambi”, which translated to younger brother in Tamil.

To our astonishment, the organisation did not learn from their mistake, and proceeds to screw themselves over again with the word “Sepet”. It was defined as “macam mata orang Cina”, translated to “just like Chinese eyes”. While the word isn’t categorised as a slur, it’s a racist remark about the physical appearance of Chinese people that is somehow generalised and normalised.

Needless to say, Dewan Bahasa has a lot to learn while rectifying these inaccurate definitions immediately.


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