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Denmark’s Christian Eriksen’s Heart Stopped After Suffering Cardiac Arrest Mid-Match

During last Saturday’s UEFA EURO 2020 match between Denmark and Finland, Danish footballer Christian Eriksen had unexpectedly collapsed on the pitch while everyone else in the stadium and in front of the TV could only watch in horror as paramedics rushed to give him emergency CPR.

The incident happened in the 42nd minute of the game when Eriksen was running along the left-touchline before falling forward on his body. Immediately, players from both teams rushed to his side while the referee halted the match and called for medics on to the pitch.

The Danish players proceeded to form a barricade around Eriksen as medics tried to resuscitate him with CPR and also using a defibrillator. The 29-year-old midfielder was then taken to a nearby hospital, where he was said to be in a stable condition.

Source: CNN

However, the incident was not to be downplayed as Denmark’s team doctor revealed that Eriksen had suffered cardiac arrest and “he was gone” before resuscitation. Thanks to the quick reaction of the medical team, Eriksen managed to regain his heartbeat after one defibrillator.

As Eriksen had no history of heart concerns, it is still unknown as to what may have caused his sudden cardiac arrest during the match. But this incident has definitely set an example for football authorities to always prepare defibrillators at every football match.

Meanwhile, it is said that Eriksen may be banned from playing for his current club Inter-Milan because the Italian law prohibits people from participating in sports if they have experienced a significant cardiac abnormality.


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