• Jonathan Shiek

Delivery Rider Makes Waves By Rowing a Boat To Make His Delivery

How far will you go to provide the best service you can offer? Well for this delivery rider in Thailand, it seems taking a boat across the river to make his delivery is his answer.

Credits: Pradit Saengdee

On the 2 February, Facebook user Pradit Saengdee shared some photos of a Foodpanda rider making his way across a river attempting to make his delivery while still wearing his motorcycle helmet (safety first).

Credits: Pradit Saengdee

The photos shows the rider paddling the borrowed (probably) motorboat as he approaches the customers who placed the order while they accept it with beaming smiles.

Credits: Pradit Saengdee

We all know how difficult it can be as a delivery rider especially during this pandemic. We would really like to raise a salute to all you riders who brave the harsh weather and conditions for our sake and from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you.


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