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DBKL: Ban On Hard Liquor Sales In Grocers & Chinese Med Shops Postponed

Credit: Malay Mail

Previously, the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) scheduled a ban for liquor sales at grocers, convenience stores, and Chinese medicine shops to come into effect on 1 October but has recently been postponed till further notice.

The ban announced last year prohibits the sale of hard liquor in sundry shops, convenience stores, and traditional Chinese medicine shops in KL but permits the sale of beer between 7am and 9pm. The postponement of the ban's enforcement was to allow a study related to the control of liquor sales in Kuala Lumpur to be done.

"The availability and accessibility of liquor have been the subject of complaints and protests as it can be detrimental to public order," DBKL said.

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